Padre's Ponderings

January 4, 2019 | by: Father Chuck Owens | 0 comments

Posted in: Encouragement

For some unknown reason, I spent several post-Christmas hours rereading Arthur Miller's play,
The Death of a Salesman. As you may remember, the main character's (Willie Loman) life was as tragic as its suicidal ending. Capturing my attention was a poignant moment during Willie's graveside service in which his wife asks her son, "Why did he do it, Biff? Why did he do it?" Biff answers, "Ah shucks, Mom; ah shucks! He had all the wrong dreams!" Biff had watched his father's endless pursuit of the things of this world; he had witnessed his father's slide into depression as contentment continued to elude him; he had seen his father ultimately come to realize that his life had been misguided, wasted as he chased all the wrong dreams.
Like Bluffton's ancient live oaks, during the previous 165 years our roots have grown strong and deep; so much so that they now support and nourish a voluminous canopy sheltering a host of worship, fellowship, ministry and discipleship activities intent on one mission: reaching present and future potential Willie Lomans with the uncompromised Gospel of Jesus Christ in such a way that they embrace a transforming relationship with the God of the ages.

Like others in his generation, no doubt in some form or fashion Willie had heard the hope offered in the Gospel; but he had obviously not heeded it. In the end he died despairing that he had never really lived. Unlike Willie, we've heard and heeded the Good News; our lives have been redeemed and we are living in the light of hope. I pray we will reflect that light, the light of Christ, with a renewed passion into the lives of others during 2019. May it be so, Lord; may it be so!