The Doctor is Always In, 6-29-15

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And Jesus told the Pharisees, "Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick do." - Luke 5:31

J.CollinsIt doesn't take long to figure out that The Church of the Cross is a busy church. Yes, of course we worship together on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings, but our facilities on the historic campus are used every day of the week. Docents and tourists (sometimes as many as 120 tourists per day) stroll through the church and across the bluff. Bible study groups and ministry groups use all of the rooms in the building morning, noon, and night. My family lives in The Clergy House, so that building is busy sheltering the day-to-day activities of two adults and two teenagers. Seven Oaks - the church office - is full of church staff members managing the operations and ministries of our growing congregation. Even the garage of The Clergy House is used as office space by four church staff members.

There is so much worship and ministry that happens on the historic campus that there is nowhere to sit quietly in the Presence of the Lord. It is difficult to find a place to pray alone or with someone. And there is little space to receive counsel or Spiritual direction from the clergy or from another believer... until now.

On April 26, 2015, we will formally dedicate and open The Chapel of the Great Physician in the
little building behind the church office at Seven Oaks. This building was originally built prior to 1905 and was used as a doctor's office by Dr. Ballentine Walker, a local physician in the Bluffton community. Now this building will once again be used to heal the people of this community through prayer and counseling; but this time, the doctor is none other than Jesus Christ: "The Great Physician". In fact, the building - along with Luke 5:31 - has inspired the name of our new healing prayer ministry: Great Physician Ministries at the Church of the Cross.

chapelThe Chapel of the Great Physician has a space for a small group of people to gather for prayer or Spiritual direction and counseling. Prayer ministers have been trained to offer healing prayer in the space as well. There is a prayer desk that can be used by individuals who need some quiet time to be alone in the Presence of the Lord. There is an altar and blessed bread and wine so someone can give themselves Communion. A small library of books about prayer and healing is also housed in the chapel. Those books can be read in the chapel or checked out and used at home.

Opening the Chapel of the Great Physician has been a team effort. A generous church member donated money to help fund some of the renovations. Another member remodeled the interior. Yet another member installed an air conditioner. And all the furnishings were donated by God's Goods. Thanks to everyone who made this vision a reality for God's glory and for the healing of His people!

Are you looking for a quiet place to pray? Do you need someone to pray with you? Would you like to make an appointment to receive healing prayer or counseling? Then please call the church office at (843) 757-2661 and make an appointment. In this doctor's office, there is no loud waiting room; needles are not involved, and the only prescription is prayer. And by the grace of God and by the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus The Great Physician is always in.


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