Prayer list updated December 8th. To submit a prayer request, email or complete a Connect Card during one of our worship services.

Prayers for Those in our Parish Family

Jack & Roberta Adams, Barb Baldwin, Pat Boulden, Bill Boyd, Gail Cake, Andrew Cannell, Jim Clayton, Wanda Crutchfield, Jean DuPont, Don Freeland, Patti Garrity, Joanne Inniss, Lloyd King, David Ledvina, Carolyn Mauk, Maredo McDonald, Aura Lee Mulik, Richard Mulik, Joyce Murray, Margaret Owens, Shirley Paulk, Alan Restivo, Colin Silvester, Mark Teich, Sandy Thoburn, Nora Tramuta, Rick Underwood, Steve Welchman, Kent Zimmerman and Diana Zokan.

Prayers for Friends of our Parish Family

The Akkawi Family, Baby Anthony, Aurelio Ayala, Paul Baum, Harvey Binns, Dottie Briggs, Rusty Brown, Richard Bulls, Don Butler, Jonathan Byrd, Dave Clery, Geoff Crosby, Melba Crosby, Lauren Daniels, Megan D'Antonio, Lauren Davids, William Davidson, Marie Denning, The Derrickson Family, Cooper Duplantis, Judy Eaton, Ardy Edgerton, John Esposito, Joe Eubanks, Dan Fabricius, Arthur Fisher, Ricky Genett, Grant Gossleing, Carey Hattaway, Jane Hay, Todd Hicks, The Family of Antje Hirt, Donna Hoff, Barbara Hopp, Debra Huebbers, Walter Huebbers, Charlotte Hungate, Dick Jacobs, Marie Kibles, Dawn Lacey, Coleen Laffan, Nikki Lague, Jackie Lechner, Jackie Little, Bruce Logan, Evonne Lutkus, Amanda McCall, Mark Malone, Denise Maloney, Raul Martin, Jill Martinelli, Stephen Matczak, Jon Matczak, Lindsay Mayher, Baby Hampton McDevitt, Colleen McQuiston, Nancy & Chuck Meyer, Mary Miskewicz, Dan Morris, Michael Mugrage, Kirstin & Katelyn Murphy, Linda Narcisco, Dr. Nassan, Linda Nee, Theresa Nelson, Joan Cunningham Newman, Dan Ogden, Ron Parker, Zach and Sebastian Parker, Scott & Melissa Parker, The Quarantiello Family, Felipe Rastelli, Sharon Rogers-Barron, Skippy Rosenweig, Buddy Ruffner, Jeanette Samuelson, Laney Scott, Rob Sedlacek, Conrad & Marilyn Simon, Barbara Smith, Tom Sorensen, Donald Stephens, Bill Stockman, Donald & Ana Schwarz, The Family of Ada Strong, David & Jacob Taylor, Marna Thoma,  Bob Thompson, Jim Watson, Tiffany Welpott, Erin Williams,  Kenneth Wilson, Michael Winburn, Sally Young, Will Young, Dorothy Zesch and The men and women who serve in our military forces worldwide.

Prayers for the Mission & Outreach of our Parish

- The Parish of St John’s, Canada.
- The Diocese of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh (Ireland).
- Rev. Christopher Royer and Anglican Frontier Missions (AFM) specifically for our brothers and sisters in Nigeria as they rebuild their homes due to the flooding there
- Peace and unity of Christ to be restored in the Diocese of Marsabit. God’s direction and wisdom for Bishop Wario.
- The Good News Club at Bluffton Elementary School.
- Jeff Ballard, sponsor of The Hope for Life Homes, Russia and its ministry and most specially the parents & the children.
- Prayers for Mike & Yvonne Broadhurst for continued health and God's blessings on their ministry.
- The Millers at The Hope of Jesus Children’s Home in El Venado, Honduras.
- Billi Dray, director of Young Lives a program for pregnant teenagers.
- Timothy & Karen Jones and the Heal Ministries regarding continued missions to Uganda.
- The Anglican Leadership Institute.
- Sarah Brunson, as she continues in her internship with CEF.
- Continued prayers for Habitat for Humanity, Apostoles' Build.
- Reach Global and its work in Costa Rica.
- Young Life and their outreach to local youth.
- Pray for Samaritan's Purse for their work with all the rebuilds in Florida, Houston & the Caribbean and Operation Christmas Child.
- "We Care For You" church in Hardeeville, SC.

After a prayer request has been submitted, the person will remain on the prayer list for six weeks or until the office is notified otherwise. If the person is still in need of prayer after the six week period, please fill out another Prayer Request Card. Please remember you must have the person's permission to place them on this Prayer List.