Prayer list updated August 16th. To submit a prayer request, email or complete a Connect Card during one of our worship services.

Prayers for Those in our Parish Family

Ken & Barb Baldwin, Bud Brien, Jim & Rose Clayton, Nola Cotesworth, Wanda Crutchfield, Jean DuPont, Paul Eitel, Bunny Groncki, Brooks Harvey, Peggy Heinsohn, Carole Homoney, Caryn Kerley, Lloyd King, David Ledvina, Carolyn Mauk, Maredo McDonald, Gary & Dee McGonigal, Doug & Maggie Merante, Vernette Molloy, Reade & Joyce Murray, Jim Nash, Margaret Owens, Alan Restivo, MaryAnn Sandano, Charlotte Sanginario, Colin Silvester, The Famith of Sandy Schweibert, Karen Stewart, Ed & Joan Taylor, Sandy Thoburn, Rick Underwood, The Weaver Family, The West Family, Rosalie Willoughby and Ed & Leslie Young.

Prayers for Friends of our Parish Family

Matt Aitken, The Akkawi Family, Donna Baldwin, Harvey Binns, Brian & Daisy Bobinchuck, Gail Boyle, Rusty Brown, Jim & Jean Burgenthal, Don Butler, Joe Butler, Bill Clark,  Dave Clery, Beth Cook, Geoff Crosby, Melba Crosby, Lauren Daniels, Lauren Davids, William Davidson, Marie Denning, Kylie DiBella, Genelle Dill, Joseph DiSanto, Danielle DiSimone, Matt Doktor, Eamon Donahue, Stephanie Duke, Judy Eaton, Ardy Edgerton, Dan Fabricius, Marilyn Gemme, Ricky Genett, Julie Getty, The Family of Megan Godi, Grant Gossleing, Jim Hamilton, Carey Hattaway, Amanda Hemeon, Barbara Hopp, Debra Huebbers, Charlotte Hungate, Bob & Lori Jackson, Karen Magnuson Jeamel, Brendan Jones, Marie Kibles, Samantha Kidd, Jay King, Susan Jenson, Beverly Kachmark, Liz Kidney and girls, Dawn Lacey, Coleen Laffan, Craig Leh, Jay Linderman, The Family of Jackie Little, Bruce Logan, Evonne Lutkus, Kacie & Ryker MacFarland, The Mahony Family, Bea Malone, Denise Maloney, Mary Manell, Raul Martin, Jill Martinelli, Tamela Maxim, Baby Hampton McDevitt, Doroty McKeithen, The Family of Lori McClain, Nancy & Chuck Meyer, Karl Meyers, Mary Miskewicz, Dan Morris, Michael Mugrage, Kirstin & Katelyn Murphy, Jody Nall, Dr. Nassan, Linda Nee, Theresa Nelson, Richie Neste, Joan Cunningham Newman, Ron Parker, Scott & Melissa Parker, Doug & Dominick Pedrotty, Maggie Pollard, Ray Pudliner, The Quarantiello Family, Felipe Rastelli, Theresa Reville, Sharon Rogers-Barron, Skippy Rosenweig, Fred & Barb Ryle, Laney Scott, Rachel Shelton, Matthew Simon, Barbara Smith, Tom Sorensen, Bill Stockman, Donald & Ana Schwarz, Ray Tardis, Marna Thoma, Bob Thompson, Alec & Cathy Ulmer, Patrick Van Schlag, Chris VeekTopa, Leeann Waite, The Family of Judy Waters, The Family of Tiffany Welpott, Erin Williams, Sally Young, Will Young, Dorothy Zesch and The men and women who serve in our military forces worldwide.

Prayers for the Mission & Outreach of our Parish

- The Diocese of Kilmore, Elphin & Ardagh (Ireland).
- Rev. Christopher Royer & Anglican Frontier Missions (AFM) specifically for our brothers & sisters in Nigeria & Turkey.
- Peace & unity of Christ to be restored in the Diocese of Marsabit. God’s direction & wisdom for Bishop Wario.
- The Good News Club at Bluffton Elementary School.
- Jeff Ballard, sponsor of The Hope for Life Homes, Russia & its ministry & most specially the parents & the children.
- Mike & Yvonne Broadhurst for continued health & God's blessings on their ministry in Madagascar.
- Billi Dray, director of Young Lives a program for pregnant teenagers.
- The Heal Ministries continued missions to Uganda, & prayers for healing for Tina & discernment for Trey.
- Young Life & their outreach to local youth.
- Samaritan's Purse for their work nationally & internationally.
- Christian Best Camps of Kenya & its work in the slums of Kibera, Kenya to spread God's word to the children.
- The successful development of Kairos Outside in our diocese.
- The Rev. Roger & Joanne Griffin & their ministry to Mexico.
- Prayers for the continued support & sucess for the Food Bank.
- Pray for comfort and support for Charles Rey, Director of the Christian Orphan Health Int'l, and his family as he deals with health issues.

After a prayer request has been submitted, the person will remain on the prayer list for six weeks or until the office is notified otherwise. If the person is still in need of prayer after the six week period, please fill out another Prayer Request Card. Please remember you must have the person's permission to place them on this Prayer List.