Lay Ministry

The Scriptures teach that all Christians are called to be ministers and that God has gifted each to live into that calling according to His plan. Embracing that understanding has become a hallmark of The Church of the Cross.

The Body of Christ which is The Church of the Cross is composed of over 1600 members and all are needed.

If you are interested in learning more about why you have been called to The Church of the Cross, please take a moment to contact the Sheryl Maddux, 843-757-2661 for the next step. Step out in faith and be blessed!

Acolytes (Torchbearers, Flag Bearers, Crucifers) 
Acolytes assist clergy in celebrating the Holy Eucharist and other rites of the Church on our Historic Campus. Both adults and students (fifth grade and up) are welcome to participate as Acolytes. Those called to this ministry should be willing to be prompt, attentive to details and work with a team. Please contact Karen Hurst for more information

Altar Guild 
The Altar Guild is a dedicated group of men and women who diligently work behind the scenes caring for our altars and preparing them for worship services as their "joyful offering to the Lord." This ministry is a wonderful way to understand more about our Anglican worship traditions. Please contact Phyllis Spearman or Lisa Ciresi for more information.

Chalice Bearer 
Chalice Bearers work together to assist the clergy on both campuses in celebrating Holy Eucharist. Sacristans coordinate the efforts of this ministry team and assist the clergy in setting the altar for Holy Communion. A Chalice Bearer's main responsibility is to assist in serving communion and distribute and receive the offertory plates. If you attend worship services regularly and have a love of liturgy, a teachable spirit and a desire to work with a team, this ministry may be a good way for you to serve God at The Church of the Cross. Please contact Karen Hurst for more information.

Cursillo is a Spanish term for a short course in Christianity. It is designed to encourage Christians to know God better and to live into a deeper relationship with Christ. The weekend-long event starts on a Thursday evening at Saint Christopher Camp and Conference Center and concludes on Sunday afternoon. It involves listening to "talks", small group discussions, worshiping, time for personal reflection and sometimes even healing. Curillo helps Christians hear God's call in their life and empowers them to take Christ out into their world. The focus is on building Christian leaders, encouraging small groups and strengthening believers. Many participants come away with such an understanding of God's grace and love that they feel called back to be on team and have the opportunity to serve others. This can often be even better than their first weekend. Please contact Linda Tompkins if you are interested in learning more about Cursillo and watch announcements for an upcoming Cursillo Informational Meeting.

Docent Ministry
The Docent Ministry welcomes the visiting public to hear the good news about the past, present and future of The Church of the Cross. Docents offer visitors a history of the Church, a chance to pray and the opportunity to ask questions about the current activities of the Church. Docent staff the Historic Church on Calhoun Street from 11:00am - 2:00pm - Monday - Friday throughout the year. Please contact Jim Cheesman for more information.

Flower Guild Ministry
The Flower Guild enhances and adorns our worship spaces on both campuses for the glory of God and provides welcoming environments in which all can more fully come to know Jesus Christ. When new folks join the Flower Guild, they are teamed with existing members who are experienced in sharing their special talent for creating beautiful floral arrangements. Please contact Stephanie Mendenhall for more information.

Food Bank Ministry 
The Food Bank Ministry is a glorious opportunity to share God's Word while sharing His food with the less fortunate. It is supported totally by food and donations from the parish and community. The Food Bank serves about 75 people weekly. There are many opportunities for service within this ministry. Volunteer hours are Mondays 9:00am - 11:00am for set up and delivery of the first truck, and/or 11:00am - 1:00pm for set up and delivery of the second truck, and/or 1:30pm - 3:00pm for Guest Services. The Food Bank is open to the public Mondays from 1:30pm to 3:00pm. The location has moved to 15a Centre Drive, next door to God's Goods. Please contact Rod Musselman to join this ministry.

God's Goods Thrift Store
God's Goods operates as a Christ-centered shop to provide usable goods to the people of our community at a reasonable price, to assist people in need by pass-through goods and to provide funds to support outreach ministries of The Church of the Cross and community. Please stop by the thrift store at 53 Persimmon off the Bluffton Parkway, call the store (757-2024) or contact Kim Perri to volunteer. 

Greeter Ministry
Greeters serve as God's ambassadors by graciously greeting, directing and assisting worshippers as they enter into worship each week. While seeking to be warm and welcoming, greeters maintain an orderly flow of worship as doorkeepers in God's house. Please contact the Sheryl Maddux, if you would like more information on volunteering in the important ministry.

Historical Committee
The Historical Committee serves by archiving Church documents, compiling a history of The Church of the Cross and working on special projects. Presently, the Historical Committee meets in the library on the Historic Campus on the second Wednesday of each month at 9:30am. Those having an interest in the past and present history of this parish, are in possession of information, documents, or photographs pertaining its history, have abilities in the areas of research or creating exhibits of these documents and photographs, are encouraged to prayerfully consider becoming a part of this meaningful ministry. Please contact Ann Elliott for more information.

Hospitality Ministry
The Hospitality Ministry provides opportunities for worship attendees to meet and socialize following each Sunday worship service. Coffee, juice and refreshments provided by the church and ministry participants are served to approximately 400 people during the various times of fellowship. Please contact the Sheryl Maddux, to volunteer.

Kairos Ministry 
Kairos Prison Ministry dates back to September of 1976. It is now active in 33 States and countries around the world. It is a modeled on the Cursillo three day program modified to better meet the needs of prison inmates and their families it is best described as a short course in Christianity. A well organized follow up program with reunion groups is a part of the ministry. By bringing the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ into a prison environment, Kairos is widely recognized as a highly effective ministry that positively changes inmate attitudes. The Church of the Cross currently has members serving on both the Allendale Prison and Ridgeland Prison Kairos teams. Please contact the Parish Office to become active in this important ministry or visit the Kairos Prison Ministry website.

Lay Eucharist Ministry
Sacristans and sub-Deacons work together with Acolytes to assist the clergy in celebrating the Holy Eucharist. Sacristans coordinate the efforts of the ministry team, serve as Lay Readers and Chalice Bearers and assist the clergy in setting the altar for Holy Communion. Sub-Deacons serve as Lay Readers and Chalice Bearers and assist the clergy in reading the Eucharist. If you attend worship regularly on the Historic Campus, love the liturgy and sharing the Scriptures, and have a desire to work with a team, this ministry may be a good way for you to serve God and His people at The Church of the Cross. Please contact Karen Hurst.

Memorials Acknowledgement 
The Memorials Acknowledgement Ministry maintains records of memorials received and sends acknowledgements to the families. Please contact Karen Tinnerholm.

Military Care Ministry
VISION: To provide a wide range of ministry to include compassion and encouragement to members of the Armed Forces and their families. To represent The Church of the Cross and spread the gospel to those associated with the Armed Forces of the United States, to include individual members and their families.

MISSION: To offer specific assistance to those members of the Armed Forces who are identified as being in need of help. To be pro-active in locating military members and their families and to offer them moral and spiritual support as necessary. To develop a wide range of programs that will offer minimum benefits for those needing it and to ensure that the Church of the Cross is well and properly represented, regardless of the religious preferences of those receiving support. Please contact Roger Sandler to participate in the ministry.

Missions and Outreach
The Mission and Outreach Minders and Modelers (MOMM) of The Church of the Cross exists to provide coordination and oversight of various mission and outreach activities of our church, locally, nationally, and globally. MOMM accepts applications for mission and outreach visions and opportunities and then makes recommendations to the Rector and Vestry for final approval.

Application for Mission and Outreach Visions and Opportunities  

Please contact Dorothy Saucier, for more information.

Music Ministry
Music is not only an integral part of the worship service, but an audible link between God and His people. We havea broad spectrum of music styles that allow for multiple music talents both vocal and isntrumental. Those whom have been given the gift of musical ability and the desire to be part of a team that is honored to be musical ambassadors for Christ are candidates for this ministry. Please contact Jordan Ross, for Cross Schools Campus Music Ministry, Howard Duff, for the Historic Campus Gracetime Music Ministry and the Parish Office for the Historic Campus Sunday Singers Music Ministry.

Safety Team
CrossPoint: Jared Stromer.
Historic Campus: James Hamilton.
The Safety Team will serve to minister to our church community, with a Christ-like approach, by mitigating safety and security risks for children, clergy, financial transactions, and when possible, for church attendees, within the limitations of skill sets and manpower, at the time of church services. The Safety Team will function in a way that they are good shepherds to all by extending grace and providing a sense of comfort as needed. The goal is to reduce the likelihood of panic or injury in the presence of an emergency. Team members will be required to receive safety and medical training.

Salvation Shuttle
Be on the front line! Our Salvation Shuttle ministry is a great way to enable us not to turn away the people that God has sent us. You are the face of The Church of the Cross to our members and those coming to worship Jesus for the first time! For more information contact Sheryl Maddux.

Technology Ministry
Worship services, teachings, weddings, funeral and many parish events depend on technicians who set up sound systems, operate microphones, run PowerPoint presentations, record sermons, music and talks while at the same time making sure the facilities have proper lighting. If you are technically inclined, attentive to detail and willing to serve the Lord behind the scenes this may be the ministry for you. Please contact Alex Perri, for more information.

Usher Ministry
Ushers are personal representatives of the congregation who meet worshippers on a person-to-person basis when they arrive, distribute bulletins, maintain order in the service, provide direction for parishioners and visitors, ring the church bell on the Historic Campus to signal the start of worship, assist with special needs, collect the offering and tidy the space following the celebration. Please contact the Sheryl Maddux, for more information.