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Young Life Summer Camp at Windy Gap Young Life Camp

This summer Young Life took 64 kids from Hilton Head Island and Bluffton to Windy Gap Young Life Camp. These kids were introduced to their Creator in a way they will never forget.

Church of the Cross supported Young Life with a contribution of $3000 and the week was spent watching kids encounter Jesus in
a way most of them never dreamed was possible.

Young Life appreciates our contribution as they could not have made this trip affordable to some of these kids without the help of Church of the Cross.

Summer Camp


Parish in the village of Eglinton in Ireland

The Reverend Paul Hoey, one of the priests from Ireland, who spend time here with us in Bluffton about 2 years ago and who has been mentored by Father Chuck off and on since that time, is moving in September to a new parish. It is located in Eglinton, Ireland. Father Hoey reached out for our support as he made plans to accept God’s call to this new church.

The village of Eglinton is an old plantation village (i.e. formed by “planters” who came across from Scotland in the 16th century. These were Presbyterians who were given land by the English government in return for a promise of loyalty to the King!)

The parish has one church building. Attendance on Sunday is erratic with an average of around 80 divided between two services – a traditional service at 10am at which there is only recorded music (no live musicians) and a Family Eucharist with a small praise group.

There are good links with a nearby school where at least 70/80 of the children are nominally Anglican but the number of children involved in this parish is small at the moment.

We are excited to report that the Mission and Outreach Minders and Modelers recommended and the vestry approved the funds of $ 10,000, to meet many of the practical needs of the parish and to support Father Hoey’s priorities of building a core leadership team, developing varied and attractive patterns of worship for all ages, establishing a pastoral team, embedding evangelism in the normal cycle of parish life and teaching a biblical pattern of giving so that the parish can become self sufficient financially.
We are truly blessed to establish this relationship and we look forward to doing more to support and reach the people in Ireland in the village of Eglinton as we spread the Gospel locally, nationally and internationally.


Stop Hunger Now 2015

Held Saturday April 26, 2015 and October 10, 2015

Over 230 volunteers from The Church of the Cross gathered both Saturdays at the Buckwalter Campus to package meals for those less fortunate than themselves.

The auditorium at the Cross Schools Campus was filled with a lot of energy and spirit as volunteers raced to fill their bags and our younger generation “runners” continue to resupply the stations and take the bags to the sealing stations before they were boxed and loaded on the truck.

The multi-generational event, including ages 4 and up, involved a team concept to package vitamins, vegetables, soy and rice together into meal packets that will be shipped by Stop Hunger Now to locations around the world as they strive toward their vision of ending hunger in our lifetime.

Both days, in just a little bit over 2 hours time, the volunteers packed 50,000 meals, which were boxed, packed and are ready to provide meals for people around the world.

Stop Hunger Now has been fulfilling its commitment to end hunger across the globe for 16 years and we are blessed to be part of this!


Stop Hunger Now 2015– Image 1 of 14


Family Promise - A Local Outreach

On Friday, December 18th, the members of the Mission and Outreach Minders and Modelers Team, representing all the members of The Church of the Cross, delivered an assortment of items to Family Promise of Beaufort County. The gifts included, but were not limited to, 12 Christmas Trees and all the decorations, 20 children’s stuffed Christmas stockings, basketballs, bicycle pumps, TV trays, toys, and 20 buckets of cleaning supplies. Each of the items was requested by Family Promise and will be given to those less fortunate among us.

In the spirit of the season, included with the gifts were a listing of all the Christmas Services at The Church of the Cross and attached to each buckets were handwritten and decorated cards inscribed with various encouraging scripture verses.

We are so blessed to have the opportunity to participate with Family Promise in reaching out in our community.



Bible Collection Campaign for South Africa – 20th of September

It is possible to change a life with something as simple as a gently used or new Bible!

Pastor Steve Zimmerman (Christian Mission in Cape Town) has been in Africa for over 40 years and he can testify that there isn’t a greater impact among Africans than the Bible. They are hungry and thirsty for the Gospel and they love the Word of God more than anything else they have. The absolute joy on their faces when they hold their own personal Bible in their hands is incredible.

The Church of the Cross will host a “Bible Collection” campaign, collecting Bibles before all the services at the Buckwalter Campus and at the Historic Campus on Saturday September 19th and Sunday September 20th.

Please bring ANY BIBLES, new or second hand, with the exception of the KJV and NKJV Bible (Africans have enough trouble with English, never mind the 500 year old one! ).

Join us in this step towards hope and make a difference in the lives of those that need it most.


Good News Club

Did you know recent research has determined:
• A child’s moral foundation is generally in place by the time they reach age 9.
• What children believe by age 13, is what they will die believing.
• Children have made a determination about Jesus’ life and death by age 12.

GNC-Logo 2This year The Church of the Cross has adopted a Good News Club at Bluffton Elementary, in order to bring the life changing message of Jesus to young boys and girls ages 5-12 years old.

We are looking for eight to ten volunteers who would give just one hour a week to spread the Gospel to children.

If you love children and spreading God’s word, this is a wonderful opportunity. Please note that even if you are to be away for some period, you can volunteer and participate in the program when you are available.

For more information about the Good News Clubs, please go to For more information about this opportunity, please contact Bob Jarvis at 843-384-3427 or email him at


Diocese of Marsabit, Kenya

While at the Diocesan Convention; the hosting parish, Christ Church, Mt Pleasant, announced that they were working with Bishop Robert Martin of the Diocese of Marsabit in Kenya to help them build a church to replace a “Tree Church”. That church actually meets under a tree and the members use it for shade during their services. Because they meet outside, if it rains there are no services.

The tree itself is on the bank of a river and the bank is eroding. Bishop Rob projected that the tree may actually wash away by the fall. The projected cost for building a church for that parish was $25,000 and Christ Church, through their Children and Family Ministries, set a goal of contributing $10,000 to that project. The Diocesan Delegation from the The Church of the Cross saw this as an opportunity to spread the Gospel in a very special way and brought the idea to MOMM. The Mission and Outreach team recommended and the Vestry unanimously approved that we come along side Christ Church with a matching gift of $10,000 for the Diocese of Marsabit. The ground breaking for their church was in July 2014.




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Furthermore, we were blessed to spend time with Father Qampicha Wario, Archdeacon in the Diocese of Marsabit in Kenya, during his visit to The Church of the Cross. Father Qampicha and his fellow clergy and evengelists are working to spread the Gospel in Northern Kenya.

After talking with Qampicha and Bishop Robert Martin in Kenya, we are excited to report that the Mission and Outreach Minders and Modelers recommended and the vestry approved the following funds for the Diocese of Marsabit::

$6,000 for the completion of the church in Gololo:
This church is completed mostly by women and we are very blessed to be part of this project.

$3,000 for the completion of the rectory at St John’s Sololo:
This rectory is at the moment the home for Qampicha, but as a rectory it would be used for whomever is the pastor at the time. These funds are needed to complete the rectory.

$1,500 for the dirt bike for the rector of the Anono parish:
This will allow the rector to efficiently travel to the more remote churches in his parish.

$4,500 towards the building of a rectory for the Anono parish:
David, the priest there is currently renting a home in the neighboring town about 2 miles from his parish.

Not only hearing, but seeing slides during our meeting reinforced what our God-gifted congregation should be doing as we spread the Gospel locally, nationally and globally.We are truly blessed to establish this relationship and we look forward to further supporting the people of the Diocese of Marsabit in Northern Kenya.