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What One Receives in Beauty

Posted onJanuary 10, 2018 | by: Pastor Jonathan Riddle | 0 comments

When the snow and the cold arrived last week, I celebrated. I am one of the few that love cold weather. Wearing warm clothes, building a fire, taking long runs and drinking hot chocolate, that's my kind of special!...Keep Reading

A Christmas Memory

Posted onDecember 21, 2017 | by: Father Chuck Owens | 0 comments

In London during World War II, in the aftermath of a German bombing raid on Christmas Eve, a congregation gathered at their church only to discover it had been destroyed. They cleared away enough of the rubble to find a few pews and the altar and began to celebrate the birth of Jesus. During the worship service, someone picked up a broken board and, using a piece of charred wood, wrote on it these words: “Blasted but still blessed!” ...Keep Reading