Padre's Ponderings - March 27, 2019

July 25, 2019 | by: Father Chuck Owens | 0 comments

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Two Topics of Note

First, as conveyed in my article of March 7, 2019, we are being aided in our search for an Associate Rector by the Vanderbloemen Group, and specifically by their consultant Jeff Bigelow. Several days after Jeff's recent weekend in the Parish, he asked me to provide a summary of my expectations for the pastor we are seeking - it follows.

1. Model by word and practice:

         a) a mature and deepening relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord  and Savior.

         b) a humble servant's heart.

         c) a family life centered on a Biblical approach to marriage and parenting.

         d) a passion for reaching the lost with the Gospel.

         e) a willingness to inconvenience self for others.

         f) a commitment to the Parish's Mission, Vision and Strategy.

2. Embrace an "Ephesians 4" paradigm for being the Body of Christ by: 

         a) inspiring and equipping those serving in the Parish's 80+ lay-led ministries,                 with a possible emphasis on engaging men.

         b) preaching and teaching regularly in multiple settings.

         c) utilizing ever-changing methods to convey the unchanging Gospel                               message.

         d) capitalizing on opportunities to reach younger families and students through                 Cross Schools.

          e) evidencing an entrepreneurial approach to doing the work of the Gospel.

          f) appreciating the flexibility required to face every day as a pastor in a large                   and growing congregation.

  3. Have a legacy that testifies to:

          a) the desire to function as a part of a team and to accept the counsel of                          others.

          b) the self-discipline required to achieve God-honoring excellence with minimal                supervision.

          c) the pastoral sensitivity/compassion needed to counsel those in crisis.

          d) the ability to quickly adapt to a new setting and immerse self and family into                the rhythm of life.

          e) the importance of long-term relationships in building the trust needed to                      bear Kingdom fruit.

          f) the confidence of knowing that, rather than a title and position, one's identity               is rooted in being a child of God.

In conversing with Jeff, I conveyed both my understanding that these expectations might well exclude many potential candidates and my willingness to wait until God revealed His choice to partner with Juan, Jonathan and me. That said, I again solicit your prayers for this process.

Second, after receiving the unanimous approval of the Vestry, I began exploring the possibility of expanding Pastor Juan's availability to invest himself in launching Misión Cristiana de la Cruz. I rejoice to report that God blessed those discussions; and as of April 1st, Juan will be with us as a full-time missionary to the growing Hispanic population in Southern Beaufort and Jasper Counties. Initially, he will be visible in some of our worship services on both campuses; however, I expect his involvement in those venues to diminish rapidly as the Mision Cristiana de la Cruz blossoms with God's favor. May it be so, Lord; may it be so!

In His power and for His glory,