Padre's Ponderings - August 23, 2018

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On Sunday afternoon, September 9th, we'll be celebrating the opening of the new facilities on the campus of Cross Schools made possible by those who supported The Present For The Future prayerfully and financially (everyone is invited, click here to RSVP). The afternoon's events will also be a testimony to God's ongoing grace in providing a passionate corps of leaders to transform His vision into a reality - Frank Byrd, immediate past Board Chairman, is one among many. This email from him greeted me this morning . . . Frank references "pure Joy" - I know it and pray you do as well.

Father Chuck,

A number of people have commented that I must have a great feeling of PRIDE as a result of the accomplishments over the past four years! It is true that many things have been accomplished by a lot of people (over a 20-year period) to get to this point and there is a lot more of God's work yet to be done.

While I was out at the School today touring the beautiful facilities with Brad, seeing the students, teachers and staff, the overwhelming feeling I had was pure JOY (versus pride) and that I was so blessed by being allowed to be a part of this God-inspired program.

In the book by Don Cousins entitled "Unexplainable," the author quotes Jesus from John 15:11: "These things I have spoken to you so that MY joy may be in you, and that your joy may be made full." The author goes on to explain using other Scriptures that joy from the Lord has three components:


I believe there is great evidence of these three components in our work from the vision to the accomplishments to the current product and beyond. Thank you for allowing me to be involved!

Your brother in Christ,

In His Power and for His Glory,