Pastoral Care Ministry

Pastoral Care Ministries- Serving those in need 

“'…When did we see You hungry, or thirsty, or a stranger, or without clothes, or sick or in prison, and not help you?’ and Jesus answered, 'whatever you did for the least of these, you did for Me.'”  Matthew 25:37-40

We all go through challenging circumstances, transitions, relational pain, and difficult seasons of life; and at some point everyone needs a little help. The Church of the Cross provides confidential care and support to those facing life's spiritual, emotional, and physical challenges. Using church and community resources, we respond to real-life needs through care teams supported by our pastoral and professional staff. If you or someone you know is hurting, please reach out for help. 

For more information about how to serve or get involved in any of these ministries or the Pastoral Care Support Team contact Elaine Parker

Card Ministry
The Card Ministry sends personal, handwritten notes to members and friends of our church family offering support, prayers and condolences for those suffering difficulty or grief and congratulations for those celebrating special birthdays or anniversaries. Please contact Emily Myers for more information.

Caring Hearts Ministry
In this Caregivers Support Ministry, each session will be a forum for caregivers to receive support and vital information facilitated by a professional caregiver. For more information contact Donna Stevenson.

Community Eucharist Ministry
CEM’s offer Communion to parishioners who are unable to attend weekly services due to being in assisted living facilities Through prayers and administering the Holy Sacraments to our congregation and community, CEM's are members of the parish who are called, trained, and equipped for this ministry. For more information contact Natalie Mann

Cross Care Visitation Team
This ministry visits those in Rehab facilities and those preparing for surgical procedures. This is a servant ministry for men and women of faith who can provide peace and comfort to a person facing uncertainty at a time when trusting God is important.
Please contact Charlotte Sanginario for more information.

Dinner Ministry
The Dinner Ministry prepares and delivers meals to those in our parish or community who are in need for a wide range of reasons to include those who have recently been released from the hospital, have had a baby or have lost a loved one. Volunteers serving in this ministry prepare and deliver a hot meal to the family with Christian love and care. Please contact Karen Jones for more information. 

Most people will tell you that separation and divorce are the most painful and stressful experiences they’ve ever faced. It’s a confusing time when you feel isolated and have lots of questions about issues you’ve not previously addressed. DivorceCare groups meet weekly to help participants face these challenges and move toward rebuilding their lives. This thirteen week class is open to both men and women. All matters discussed are strictly confidential. Pre-registration is required. Please contact Debbie Doty for further information. Click here to visit the DivorceCare website.

Financial Counseling Ministry
This ministry is offered by a group of professionals who feel called to share their training and skills with those in need of guidance in financial matters, human resources, resumes and other areas related to the business world. Please contact Scott Rogers for more information.

Friendly Faces Visitation Ministry
We visit those parishioners, who would like to see a friendly face, when they are homebound and/or in support facilities. Contact Natalie Mann

Healing After Loss (HAL)
Healing After Loss Ministry reaches out to those who have lost a loved one. This is a confidential, Scripture-based support group for people mourning the loss of someone close that is facilitated by members who have personally experienced a loss. HAL offers comfort and encouragement to those who commit to join a sharing group for eight weeks.  For more information, please contact Beverely Adams, 843-422-0271.

Healing Prayer Ministry
The Healing Prayer Ministry is a vibrant, out-reaching ministry of the church. The ministry mission is to continue Jesus’ work of spreading the Word, healing the sick, and casting out evil spirits. In addition, the Ministry offers private prayer appointments in The Great Physician’s Office- the small, separate building located behind the church office at Seven Oaks. Appointments can be made by calling the Parish Office 843-757-2661 or sending an email.

Home Communion Ministry Team ( HCMT)
HCMT delivers Communion to those parishioners who are home bound or hospitalized and unable to attend weekly services. This Pastoral Care Ministry is a wonderful blessing to our brothers and sisters-in-Christ who cannot be a part of the community of believers. For more information, please contact Natalie Mann.

Intercessory Prayer 
Intercessory prayer is a special form of prayer or supplication on behalf of others. Aside from praise and adoration of God Himself, there is no nobler type of prayer than to intercede before God on behalf of the needs of others. In the Old Testament, this was a special responsibility of prophets and priests, and before them, of the patriarchs. In the New Testament, the responsibility for intercessory prayer is extended to all believers. We are commanded to pray for one another and for leadership at all levels, for the sick that they might be healed and for the lost that they might grow in their faith. In it all, we are to pray that God might receive all the glory for answered prayers. Please contact Shirley Cannon for more information.

Prayer Shawl Ministry
The Prayer Shawl Ministry is an outreach ministry providing hand knit or crocheted shawls to those parishioners in "need". Gatherings are simple, informal and straight from the heart. The love and prayer that goes into each shawl brings comfort and peace to the recipients during unsettling times. This ministry is not therapy or support; rather it is about exploring sensitive issues that require confidentiality. Members share and learn from one another as they share their art with those in need. For more information, please contact Pam Rubinos.

Season Sisters (Widows Ministry)
The Widows Ministry of The Church of the Cross was formed as a social and service group for the Widows of the Parish. Through its ministry, the widows grow in their relationship with Jesus and in support of each other. For more information, please contact Emily Myers.

Stephen Ministry
A Stephen Minister is a congregation member with gifts for care giving who has been carefully selected to serve in this role. He or she is a layperson who has received fifty hours of training in providing emotional and spiritual care, a caring Christian friend who listens, prays, supports and encourages. A Stephen Minister meets faithfully with his or her care receiver for about an hour each week for as long as there is a need. Stephen Ministry is a confidential ministry. All referrals are kept in strictest confidence by the Stephen Leader and by the Stephen Minister assigned to give care to that person. To download the application click THIS LINK For more information, please contact Nancy Shute Scott.