Prayer list updated August 15th. To submit a prayer request, email or complete a Connect Card during one of our worship services.

Prayers for Those in our Parish Family

Kathleen Andersen, Della Biemiller, Jim & Rose Clayton, Wanda Crutchfield, Dennis Damiani, Kaye Dardaris, Catherine Donaldson, Jean DuPont, Ken Early, Anita Fox, The Family of John Gaeth, Len Gafga, Lloyd King, Marianne Kling, The Family of Frank Lamb, Natalie Mann, Maredo McDonald, Vernette Molloy, Richie Neste, Margaret Owens, Arnie & Jo Peller and Family, Gretchen Reader, Sandy Reiter, Pat Stewman, Marilyn Tarasuk, Ed & Joan Taylor, Nora Tramuta, The Family of Hans & Ine van der Maarel and Ed & Leslie Young.

Prayers for Friends of our Parish Family

Russ Abernathy, Beth Anderson, Robert & Kay Beufort, Gene Boss, Robert Brandimore, Rusty Brown, Wesley Burrows, Don Butler, Lauretta Carick, Bentley Chapman, Sue Cook, Gary & Deborah Cook, Steve Coyer, Patrick & Christina Craven, Helen Dabule, Marc Dallon, June Davis, Peggy Devenish, Jim Dickensheets, Matt Doktor, Steve & Pat Douglas, Ardy Edgerton, Dan Fabricius, Connie Finton, Ricky Genett, Matthew Girardi, Greg Griswold, Ida Harter, Ronald Hein, Amanda Hemeon, Karen Jensen, Donovan Johnson, Eunita Johnson, Nancy Kanjorski, Samantha Kidd, The Family of Patti Khoury, Yvonne Knight, Tracy Little, Evonne Lutkus, Denise Maloney, The Family of Raul Martin, Jill Martinelli, Jon Matczak, Fran Mazzie, Baby Hampton McDevitt, James Montgomery, Dan Morris, Linda Nee, Jeremy Nottingham, Kyle Pafford, Sandra Paine, Scott and Melissa Parker, Duane & Beth Pickard, Julia Queneen, Dela Rose Rich, Laney Scott, The Family of Janice Settler, Andrea Shiffler, Laura Steponech, Marna Thoma, Ron Tishe, Steven Walter, Jackie Wachter, Terri Osler Wiggins, Raymond Williams, Sally Young, Will Young, The men & women who serve in our military forces worldwide.

Prayers for the Mission & Outreach of our Parish

- The Diocese of Kilmore, Elphin & Ardagh (Ireland).
- Rev. Christopher Royer & Anglican Frontier Missions (AFM) specifically for our brothers & sisters in Nigeria & Turkey.
- Prayers for the Diocese of Marsabit, for God's continuing spread of the Gospel and the growth of the school.
- The Good News Club at Bluffton Elementary School.
- Jeff Ballard, sponsor of The Hope for Life Homes, Russia & its ministry & most specially the parents & the children.
- Mike & Yvonne Broadhurst for continued health & God's blessings on their ministry in Madagascar.
- Billi Dray, director of Young Lives a program for pregnant teenagers.
- HEAL Ministries continued missions to Uganda, & prayers for healing for Tina & discernment for Trey.
- Young Life & their outreach to local youth.
- Samaritan's Purse for their work nationally & internationally.
- Christian Best Camps of Kenya & its work in the slums of Kibera, Kenya to spread God's word to the children.
- The successful development of Kairos Outside in our diocese.
- The Rev. Roger & Joanne Griffin & their ministry to Mexico.
- Prayers for the continued support & sucess for the Food Bank.
- Pray for comfort and support for Charles Rey, Director of the Christian Orphan Health International, and his family as he deals with health issues.
- The Rev. Anderson Sanchez and his ministry in Peru.
- Pastor James Porter for his ministry in Hampton, SC.
- Rose Tisdale and her plan to head to Cameroon to teach children of missionaries.
- Prayers for Gwen Webber and the "Love, Learning Children Enrichment Center, LLC" in Estill, SC.
- Prayers for Robert Evangelista Kindred of the Way and its mission.
- Prayers for the Bluffton Community Soup Kitchen.
- Prayers for the Reverend Juan C. Rivera, for his Ministry work throughout the Low country.
- Prayers for Christian Orphan Health Int’l

After a prayer request has been submitted, the person will remain on the prayer list for six weeks or until the office is notified otherwise. If the person is still in need of prayer after the six week period, please fill out another Prayer Request Card. Please remember you must have the person's permission to place them on this Prayer List.