Pastoral Staff 

CEO 3 Chuck Owens
Rector, Email

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jr Jonathan Riddle        
Assistant to the Rector, Email

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Juan Juan Rivera      
Missions Ambassador, Email

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Ministry Team (alphabetical by last name)


Howard Duff
Historic Campus Gracetime Worship Leader, Email

Howard directs the music and praise band for the Gracetime service at Calhoun Street on Saturdays at 5:28pm.


Tim Edwards
Middle and High School Youth Pastor, Email

Tim oversees all middle & high school youth programs and activities.


Risa Grace
Rector's Assistant, Email

Risa is Father Owens' personal assistant as well as the contact for coordinating weddings, baptisms, funerals and special services.

Rebecca Hamilton blue

Rebecca Hamilton

Ministry Multiplier, Email


Josh Hicks
Audio Visual Technican, Email

Josh serves as audio visual technician on our Cross Schools Campus.


Regine Johnson
Financial Administrator, Email

Regine provides leadership in the areas of finance, administration, human resources, technology and facilities.


Clydia Koch
Production Coordinator, Email

Clydia is responsible for weekly bulletins and powerpoint presentations for our Historic Campus Worship Services.


Michael-Anne Land
Children's Ministry Leader, Email

Michael-Anne oversees all children's programs and activities, including Cross Kids Sunday School Programs on both campuses.


Sheryl Maddux
Lay Ministry Coordinator, Email

Sheryl oversees adult studies, fellowship and accountability groups as well as coordinates shepherding and assimilating new volunteers to selected ministries. She motivates and works with all groups in brainstorming, event planning, etc. 


Jordan Ross
CrossPoint Worship Leader, Email

Jordan serves as Worship Leader on our Cross Schools Campus.


Sheila Sulak
Receptionist, Email

Sheila's voice is most likely the voice you will hear when you call the Parish Office, answering questions and helping guide parishioners with their needs.

Jody Turner 1

Jody Turner
Sunday Singers Musician

Jody leads the Sunday Singers for worship at the 8:00am and 10:00am services on the Historic Campus.

IMG_1765 REV Daniel  Wade
Church Sexton, Email

Dan serves the church and congregation by stewarding the facilities so as to maintain a clean and safe environment for worship and other facets of our life together.


Amy Weaver
Assistant to Financial Administrator, Email

Amy assists in the areas of finance, administration, human resources, technology and facilities.

The Vestry of The Church of the Cross

Vestry 2019.JPG

Front Row: Rod Musselman, Natalie Mann, Joanne Byrd and Mill Simmons
Back Row: Stew Brown and Michael Simon

The Church of the Cross Vestry is a special group of folks who have been called to serve the Lord and this very special congregation at my side. They understand the magnitude of our corporate and personal blessings; and they understand, too, that with these blessings comes the obligation to bless others in His Name - praise God! their goals are simple: be mindful of the challenge before us to make a Kingdom difference in our time for all time; and to grasp even more firmly the faith that is ours and instill in us an even greater will to reach and risk boldly for the Lord in ways that others might say are beyond "the cutting edge." Last year Bishop Lawrence shared with me his belief that few vestries anywhere are grappling with such a far reaching vision and taking so seriously their calling to be good stewards, not just of the present realities, but also of future opportunities. My admiration for the Vestry the Lord has called to serve Him in this place is unbounded.

In His power and for His glory,

Father Chuck Owens